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10 Manicure Mistakes You Must Avoid For Perfect Nails

3 Jun

Nail Polish Mistakes (610x407)

Manicure at home can be cumbersome, but if you take care of certain things, it can save you a lot of time and money spent in a beauty salon. There are some common manicure mistakes, which you must avoid for perfect nails. What are these mistakes? Read on…

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12 Easy Nail Painting Tricks To Do Your Nails Like A Pro

21 May

Nail Painting Tricks

Your nails can reveal a lot about your personality. Chipped, neglected nails can actually eclipse even a picture-perfect appearance otherwise. However, you don’t really need to rush to a beauty salon every time to get that perfect manicure and nail designs. Here are some easy, affordable and life-changing nail painting tricks for you to do it like a pro, and yes at home.

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7 Must-Try Nail Polish Colors For Summer-2014

18 May

Must Try Nail Polish Summer 2014

With every season the color trend changes to compliment the climate. Nail Polish colors are no exception. We see various nail polish shades each season, making their presence felt and then making way for some other hues in the next season. Right now, we are talking about Summer 2014 and must-try nail polish colors this season. Let your nails do the talking this summer.

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