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Top 5 health benefits of water

15 Nov

The Health Benefits of Water

Our body is 60% water—this fact has been iterated and reiterated so many times that even kids today know that water is important to keep our body healthy. However, despite knowing this universal truth about good health and the health benefits of water, we often neglect it while planning our diet or when we decide to hit the gym with a vengeance to get fit. If you too have forgotten to add water into your daily fitness regime, here’s a reminder for you. Or, if you are one of those rare species who are clueless about the wonders that H2O can do to a human body, here’s are 5 major health benefits of water for you to start drinking enough water every day

Water keeps your body energized and boosts brain power: Dehydration or lack of water causes fatigue and our body slows down. Water not just boosts the energy level but also keeps our brain in top order. Drinking enough water can balance our body and mind and leads to clearer thinking and better physical functioning. It has been proven scientifically that consuming water can improve the mood and make you feel cheerful.

Cleans up the toxins and aids our kidney function: Our body tends to collect some harmful toxins which need water to be flushed out. Our kidneys play the most crucial role in keeping the toxins out of our body, filtering waste, moving urine to the bladder and processing 200 quarts of healthy blood daily to the different organs. To be able to perform the task efficiently, kidneys need enough fluid. Therefore, water is integral to keep your body functioning.

Water can reduce stress level: If you don’t already know this, here’s another fact for you —85% of the brain tissue is water and consuming enough fluid keeps the mind healthy and significantly reduces stress. A dehydrated body not just slows down but also causes stress to the brain. If you are thirsty, your body is indicating that it is in the process of dehydrating and you need to supply water to get it up and running.

Drink water for a glowing complexion: Some harmful toxins in the body lead to dull and tired looking skin. Wrinkles and fine lines are more obvious when the body is dehydrated. Consumption of enough water keeps the skin cells pumped up, flushes out the impurities and improves blood circulation that leads to a natural glow on the face.

Water aids weight loss: Apart from many other proven health benefits of water, H2O also aids weight loss in an interesting way. Consuming water before a meal reduces your appetite by making you feel less hungry and it also improves metabolism of the body that supports burning calories to keep the body in shape. It may sound too simple to believe, but we are not saying this on our own, research and studies have proven the health benefits of water and established the fact that water is nature’s very own wonder drug to keep in shape and good health.

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