How To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

10 Dec

Holiday season comes with festivities, merriment and pounds of extra weight in your body. Believe it or not, on an average Americans end up with 2 to 7 pounds additional weight during the holiday season. You can blame it to the scrumptious meal overloaded with desserts and drinks to celebrate life during those six exciting and relaxed weeks.

However, for some people, it is the stress during the holiday season that leads to overeating and weight gain. Although, it is unfair to ask you to sweat it out in the gym while the world goes grooving with the loved ones, there are several other ways to keep a tab on your weight. Here are 5 tips on how to avoid holiday weight gain this season to keep you happy even after the holidays are over.

1. Keep a check on your drinks: Holiday season invariably brings many alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages on the table as a part of the celebrations. These drinks are often loaded with calories. Count calories that your drink contains. Opt for low-calorie drinks such as wine, sparkling water with lime, cocktails or light beer. Avoid mocktails as they have high-calorie mixers. Keep your drinks like tea or coffee sugar-free. You can also opt for diet soda as a mixer to reduce as much as 100 calories in a drink. Try to restrict yourself to one or two servings of alcohol to avoid holiday weight gain as alcohol and weight are directly proportionate.  Consume plenty of water not only to keep yourself hydrated but to control the alcohol intake during this holiday season as well.

 2. Outsmart the buffet table: If you feel, that buffet table outsmarts you every holiday season with a lavish and delicious spread; which is almost impossible to resist; here is a smart way to deal with it. First of all, pick up a small plate for your serving and fill it with vegetables and fruits, without the dip off course. Curb your hunger with protein rich food such as; sea food, eggs, yogurt meat etc. Move towards the desert counter, only when your hunger is fully curbed and you are not going to invade the sweet temptation domain. Eat slowly, so that you don’t fill the plate with more than one serving and the smartest tip on how to avoid holiday weight gain is don’t stand near the buffet table.

3. Don’t starve yourself to eat at a party: One important tip on how to avoid holiday weight gain is don’t  starve yourself to eat at the party or else you will end up eating more than usual, that too rich, high calorie, high fat food. Fill yourself with some light and healthy snacks before leaving for a party. In case, you are really hungry, don’t just jump on to the desert counter; but reach out for fruits and salads to curb your hunger before the final meal. This is a smart way to keep a check on the excess weight during holiday season.

4. Don’t be a couch potato during holidays: During holidays, you might want to chill out, but avoid overdoing it on the couch. You can spend the time with your loved ones, while being on the move. Put on your dancing shoes, go for a swim or take a stroll in the evening. Keep yourself active to burn the extra calories that you are consuming.

5. Focus on socializing more than eating and drinking: Holiday season brings the family together. Spend more time talking with loved ones that eating. Divert your attention from the food and focus on socializing. A good conversation is both stress and calorie free, enjoy it.


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