12 Genius Uses for Lemons In the House

4 May

Genius usage of lemons-Uptowngirl

They say Greek relics are the best thing about Sicily, we say what makes the gorgeous Mediterranean island a place like no other under the sun, is the fresh scent of lemon all around the Sicilian air.   Lemon is a huge magic trapped inside the beautiful yellow skin, especially for the household purposes. Don’t believe us, here are 12 genius uses for lemons in the house.

#1. Use lemon to deodorize your home: Lemons are wonder fruits that can eliminate all sorts of odors and can deodorize your home for a fresh, clean scent. For a bad smelling fridge, place a lemon-juice soaked sponge inside your fridge and it will be smelling fresh again. A humidifier can be deodorized by adding a few teaspoons of lemon juice into the water. You can also simmer the lemon peel in water for a lemon-fresh fragrance in your house.

Genius Uses for Lemons In the House-Uptowngirl

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#2. Easy microwave cleaning: If you think, cleaning up the microwave is a tedious job, then here are lemons to save your day. Heat a cup of water and a chopped-up lemon or a few teaspoons of lemon juice on high temperature until the microwave’s window is steamy. Leave the bowl with heated water with lemon in it for 15 minutes before you open the microwave and then wipe off the grime and grease like a child’s play.

#3. Deodorize the garbage disposal: To ditch the smell of garbage disposal, toss some lemon leftovers and orange peels down the drain. Repeat the simple trick every month for a fresh smelling sink. Alternatively, you can pour a gallon of hot water mixed with a half cup of lemon juice down the drain to dispel the odor.

House cleaning with lemon-Uptowngirl

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#4. Shine the chrome faucets and fixtures: The chrome fixtures and faucets in the bathroom and kitchen get dull and tarnished due to mineral deposits. Use lemons to sparkle your chrome fixtures. Just rub the lemon rind over faucets and drains, rinse them with water and dry with a soft cloth to rediscover your bathroom chrome fixtures as clean and shiny as new.

#5. Remove tarnish: With time, brass, copper, and stainless steel tend to get tarnished. However, with lemon in your kitchen, removing tarnish is no big deal. Make a paste of salt with lemon juice and apply it over the tarnish, let the paste settle for five minutes before rinsing it with warm water. Pat dry with a soft piece of clothing to avoid scratches.

#6. Clean windows and mirrors: Mix a few tablespoons of lemon juice with water and store in a spray bottle for a homemade window and mirror cleaning solution. It will also make your house smell fresh.

#7. Prevent fruits and potatoes from turning brown: A few drops of lemon juice can keep the sliced apples, avocados and other fruits from turning brown.

#8. Remove stains from linens and clothing: Lemon is the trick to remove stubborn stains from the linen or any garment. For rust or similar other stain, apply the salt and lemon juice mixture in the affected area, let it sit for approximately half-hour and then rinse thoroughly. For sweat stains, run the lemon rind over it and wash it with detergent.

Genuis uses of lemons-Uptowngirl

#9. Brighten your clothes without bleaching: Bleaching can damage the fabric of the cloth. The easiest way to brighten your laundry without bleaching, is by soaking them in a mixture of hot water and lemon juice (half a cup lemon juice in a gallon of water) before washing and then drying the clothesline in the sun.

#10. Renew the hardened paintbrushes: We often tend to discard the paintbrush after a use as it hardenes. Now, you can give the paintbrush a fresh lease of life by dipping into boiling lemon juice and leaving for 15 minutes before washing it with soapy water. And, to remove dried paint stains from window glass, use a soft cloth to apply the hot lemon juice on it, leave it until nearly dry, and then wipe off for the sparkling clean window.

#11. Keep insects away without pesticides: Spray some lemon juice to keep your garden free from insects. At home, a breathable cloth sachet of dried lemon peels will keep ants, cockroaches, moths, fleas and other insects away.

#12. Some more usage of lemon in your kitchen: Boil a few lemon slices in the coffee pot or tea kettle, leave it for a couple of hours and rinse for mineral free kettles and pots.

A little lemon juice into the cold water and then a refrigeration for an hour can make your soggy lettuce crisp again and a spoonful of lemon juice in the boiling water ca prevent your rice from sticking.

So, next time when life throws lemons at you, ask for more.


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