10 Manicure Mistakes You Must Avoid For Perfect Nails

3 Jun

Nail Polish Mistakes (610x407)

Manicure at home can be cumbersome, but if you take care of certain things, it can save you a lot of time and money spent in a beauty salon. There are some common manicure mistakes, which you must avoid for perfect nails. What are these mistakes? Read on…

#1. Not Applying The Base CoatNot applying the base coat - Manicure Mistakes (217x640)

It’s the biggest mistake that you can commit while doing your nails. A base coat for nails is similar to the primer for foundation. It sets the tone right and also increases the life of your manicure for a couple of days. A basecoat also creates a canvas for the nail polish color to pop.

#2. Cutting The CuticlesCutting your cuticles - Manicure Mistake (640x640)

You have heard it many times, still don’t stop doing it. It not only leaves you with high chances of infection, but when you cut the cuticles, they grow in a brittle, chipped manner. Stop cutting your cuticles, if you are looking for the perfect manicure.

#3. Not Cleaning Your Manicure Tools ProperlyNot Cleaning Your Manicure Tools - Manicure Mistake (640x427)

Just wiping you manicure tools with tissues is not enough. You must wash your clippers, files and other manicure tools with anti-bacterial solution after and before every use to avoid contamination.

#4. Using Q-tip To Clean Up The Messy Nail PolishUsing Q-Tips To Clean Up The Messy NailPolish- Manicure Mistake

Q-tips can actually spoil your manicure while trying to correct the nail polish mistakes. Use an old, flat makeup brush instead.

Image Source

#5. Applying Nail Polish In A Hot & Humid RoomApplying Nail Polish In Humid Area - Manicure Mistake (640x427)

Heat and humidity will not let your nail polish dry quickly and the chances of nicks are higher.

#6. Filing Your Nails In Back-And- Forth MotionFiling Your Nails Back & Forth - Manicure Mistakes (500x500)

It’s a rule, because back and forth motion can make the nails brittle and can cause chipping. Always, file your nails in one direction with slow and smooth strokes.

Image Source

#7. Placing Your Hand Under UV LightsPlacing Your Hand Under UV lights - Manicure Mistake (640x427)

UV rays are harmful and can cause premature aging of your hands. Avoid drying your nail polish under UV rays.

#8. Shaking The Nail-Polish BottleShaking The Nail-Polish Bottle - Manicure Mistake (640x499)

We have told you before, haven’t we? (Nail Painting Tricks) Roll your nail polish bottle instead of shaking it, to avoid air bubbles.

#9. Application Of Thick Coats Of Nail PolishThick Coat Of Nail Paint - Manicure Mistake (640x481)

Thick coating of nail polish not only wears off faster, but it also takes time to dry up.

#10. Doing Dishes With Hot WaterWashing Dishes With Hot Water - Manicure Mistakes (640x426)

Hot water is the biggest enemy of your nail polish. Avoid doing dishes with hot water after a manicure.



2 Responses to “10 Manicure Mistakes You Must Avoid For Perfect Nails”

  1. Dimple@shivaaydelights June 3, 2014 at 7:19 am #

    Awesome tips!

  2. misswinnieandaminiskirt June 3, 2014 at 1:33 pm #

    The make-up brush tip instead of the Q-Tip took me oh-too-long to learn! Awesome tips!

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