8 Signs You Have A Rock-Solid Relationship With Your Partner

30 May

Rock Solid Relationship

Are there any ways to figure out, if your relationship is going to last long? Probably not. But there are some signs that indicate you have a strong, healthy relationship, most likely to last for a long long time or maybe forever. What are these signs?

#1. You can’t sleep without cuddling:CuddlingSign of a healthy and intimate relationship, cuddling is as important as any other thing in a relationship. You cuddle while sleeping? Celebrate as you have a rock solid relationship.

#2. You express your gratitude:Thank youYou have found him and you are grateful for that, it’s a sign of a mutually strong bonding and appreciation for each other, leading to a strong, long-lasting relationship.

#3. You both are talking the same:Talking The same As per a recent study, couple which uses the same function words such as prepositions, pronouns, quantifiers and conjunctions, has the more likelihood of getting together and going strong in a relationship.

#4. You kiss a lot:Kissing Kissing gives a warm feeling and strengthens the bond between two people. If you kiss your partner a lot, Congratulations Girl, you are in a healthy, rock solid relationship.

#5. Double dating is fun for both of you:Double date As per another survey, double dating too strengthens the bond between a couple. When we say double date, we mean spending time with another couple.

#6. You watch a Chick-Flick or Rom-Com together:Watching Chick Flick Research proves that when partners watch films about relationships together and talk about their relationship, they’re less likely to face a break up over the next three years as couples than those who don’t watch rom-coms together.

#7. Your gut feeling says nice things about your relationship:Gut feeling Believe it or not, but it’s proven by studies that your gut feeling will give you indication about the future of your relationship. If you are feeling good and your gut is saying nice things about your current relationship, than you are into a rock-solid relationship.

#8. You make-out pretty often:Making out Good sex holds the key to the success of a relationship. If you enjoy the intimate physical time with your partner, you are in a relationship, which will last long.


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