15 Simple Yet Smart Beauty Products & Makeup Storage Ideas For A Clutter-Free Dresser

23 May

Makeup & Beauty Product Storage IdeasCan you imagine your life without those bottles and cases of makeup and beauty products on your dresser? Probably not. We can’t. However, no matter how much we love our cosmetics and makeup products, we also know that organizing and storing them is a pain. Especially, when you have loads of them   (which we know you have *wink*). Therefore, we tried to find you some simple yet smart beauty products and makeup storage ideas to keep your dresser clutter-free. And also to make your Getting-Ready session easier and more pleasant, without struggling to find the right product at the right time. Take a look.

1. Use a spice rack as a shelf to organize your perfume bottles

Spice Rack As A Shelf To Organize Your Perfume Bottles

2. Utilize a cake stand to display those pretty perfume bottles

Utilize A Cake Stand To Display Those Pretty Perfume Bottles

3. A revolving spice rack can be used to store & organize your beauty products

A Revolving Spice Rack  To Store & Organize Your Beauty Products

4. Store your makeup brushes in a sunglass case

Sunglass Case As A Makeup Brush Holder

5. Use a pencil box to keep your brushes, liners or mascara

Use a Pencil Box To Keep Your bruhses, liners or mascara

6. Use a flower vase half filled with coffee beans or beads to stick your makeup brushes

Flower Vase As A Make Up Brush Holder

7. Store your hair styling appliances such as hair dryer, curler, Hair straightener into a decorative magazine holder

Magazine Holder As Hairstyling Tool Holder

8. To avoid tumbling of hair spray bottles, stack them neatly on a wine rack

Wine Rack For Hair Spray Bottles Storage

9. Place your eye shadows into an Ice tray for an easy access as you can see the shades at once.

Ice Tray As Eye Shadow Holder

10. Utilize a cookie jar as a nail polish storage

A Cookie Jar As A Nail Polish Storage

11. Organize your lipsticks on a cupcake tray

Cupcake Tray To Hold Your Lipsticks

12. Stick your bobby pins along the magnetic strip

Stick Your Bobby Pins Along The agnetic Strip

13. Use a wine bottle to stack your hair ties

Use A Wine Bottle To Stack Your Hair Ties

14. Stick magnetic stripes to all your makeup products and stick them onto a magnetic wall to avoid a cluttered dresser.

A Magnetic Wall To Stick Your Beauty products

15. Use plastic food containers to store sponges, wipes & similar other items

Plastic Food Containers To Store Sponges, Wipes & Other Items



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