5 Celebrity Inspired Hair Trends Worth Trying

19 May

Celebrity Hair Trend 2014

These gorgeous ladies decide the rule of the game. Makeup, hairstyles, fashion, more often than not, make their way to our lives through celebrities. This season also, we have witnessed some of the most amazing and stylish hair trends sparked by our very own tinsel town Divas. Here are 5 celebrity inspired hair trends worth trying at least once. Take a look.

1. Go Blonde With Supershort Hair

Go Blonde & Supershort With Your HairDefinitely not for everyone, this short hairstyle is all about an attitude. If your sense of styling is edgy this supershort blonde look is must-sport for you.

2. Perfectly Imperfect

Imperfect PartingImperfect  parting is one of the most popular celebrity trends this season. Sport that imperfect part line and look gorgeously trendy.

3. The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang TheoryBangs are here to stay, just the length of your bangs must cover your forehead and eyebrows. Sport this 70s inspired hair trend to look as lovely as these dazzling stars.

4. Combed Back But not Sleeked

Combed BackCombed back hair is nothing new, but it’s a new version – combed but not sleeked back.  Go easy on hair gel though.

5. All About Hairpins and ClipsAll About HairpinsWe can’t imagine our dresser without clips and bobby pins. However, it’s time to flaunt them. Be creative with your hairpins to sport this celebrity hair trend. It’s definitely worth trying. Isn’t it?



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