8 Most Beautiful Ways To Style Your Wedding Hair With Flowers

13 May

Doesn’t really matter if you are the bride or the bridesmaid. Flower ornaments and hair accessories are the most talked about this wedding season. Chic, stylish and extremely beautiful, fresh flowers can take your wedding or bridesmaid look to another level. However, you need to be creative to wear them without looking like a Jungle Queen.

To help you out nail this tough task, here are 8 most beautiful ways to style your wedding hair with flowers.

1. Simply Chic Bridesmaids

Simply Chic Wear the flower headbands like a crown at a wedding and shine like a Queen.

2. Bohemian Beauty

Bohemian BeautyNothing suits a bohemian bride better than the flowers adorning her hair. Let your bohemian hair accessory do the talking as you walk the aisle to be with your man.

3. Timeless Elegance With Braids & Buds

Timeless Elegance With Braids & Buds Stylish and timeless! Adorn your braid with fully blossomed rose and make a statement at the wedding.

4. Ravishing Retro

Ravishing RetroClass never goes out of fashion. Wear flowers in your hair to create a retro look  to cut a pretty picture.

5. Pretty With A Rose Accent 

Pretty With A Rose Accent If you are a no fuss bride, here’s the most simple yet beautiful way to wear flowers in your hair at your wedding.

6. Veil With Vines 

Veil With Vines Are you a bride who doesn’t believe in following norms? Here’s a beautiful hair idea for your wedding. Combine vines with  veil and leave a mark forever.

7. Classic Twisted With Pretty Rose Accent

Classic Twisted With Pretty Rose AccentBeautiful and elegant, a flower adorning your twisted braid or chignon, falling on your nape will not only create a perfect wedding look for you, but will also make you one of the most stylish brides.

8. Spring Wreath In Your Hair

Spring Wreath In Your HairWear a lovely wreath in your hair to look picture-perfect at your wedding.

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