10 Hairstyling Hacks For Gorgeous Holiday Hair 2013

21 Dec

HairStyling Hack For Holiday Hair

It’s holiday season and also the time of the year when we all wish to look our best. Hoardings, banners, magazines are filled with picture-perfect images your favorite celeb, urging you to buy one product or the other, for that one perfect look. However, we all know, it’s not really easy to have perfect holiday hair. A bad hair day often strikes us on must crucial of days.  Here are some easy styling hacks or hair styling tips  for gorgeous holiday hair. Take a look…

1. Curl It In The Right Way

Curls (Source: littlemissmomma)

Curling hair is also a technique. For best results, start curling your hair with curling iron from the middle, not the ends of your hair. An easy hairstyle hack to make your curls last longer.

2. Pick Up The Right Brush

Hair Brush(Source: thebeautydepartment)

Perhaps the key to perfect holiday hair is the use of right brush. All types of brushes had different results. Picking up the right brush is half the job done towards getting gorgeous holiday hair.

3. Use Flat Iron To Curl Your Hair

Curl with flat iron(Source:

Not sure, if it ever occurred to you, but you can use your flat iron to curl your hair. Just use the technique used in the picture above. This is one of the easiest and best hairstyle hacks for gorgeous holiday hair.

4. Use Bobby Pins As Graphic Accessory

Bobby Pins(Source: muchomuchobuenobueno)

How to wear a bobby pin

Simple yet cute, use bobby pins to create a graphic accessory. It will add an accent to your hairstyle without any cost (who doesn’t have bobby pins in the dresser).  Also the right way to wear the bobby pins is as shown in the image above.

5. Cool Air Blast Will Set Your Hair

Blast with cool air(Source: cristophe)

An easy hair-styling hack is to alternate between hot and cool air blasts to set your hair beautifully.

6. Create An Illusion For Longer & Fuller Ponytail

Longer Fuller Ponytail(Source:

If you have ever wondered how do those celebs’ ponytails look so beautiful, here’s the trick. Sport a longer and fuller ponytail this holiday season to look gorgeous.

7. Banded Chignon

Banded Chignon

prettySimple_6Up(Source: Pinterest)

This banded chignon is classy, elegant and a perfect hairstyle for Christmas or New Years 2014. Easy to sport, all you need is a beautiful hairband to get this gorgeous look this holiday season.

8. Classic Half-up Bouffant 

Beautiful Haoliday Hair(Source: Pinterest)

A classic half up bouffant is what can make you look absolute delightful and stylish during all the festivities and celebrations this season.

9. Twisted Chignon 

Twisted Chignon(Source: ivillage)

Yet another easy to make chignon which you can sport in no time, without much of efforts. And it looks classy too.

10. Hassle-Free Chignon

ChignonThis particular chignon is ideal for a wedding, without much of hassle. Simple, easy-to-make this low chignon will not even trouble you by getting loosened up after a while.


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