7 Beauty Tricks To Help You Glam Up Everyday

30 Oct

Makeup tricks & Tips

Have you been wondering how all these girls in glam biz look so perfect and why their makeup looks flawless? Well they have an entire team of experts dolling them up. Does that mean you can’t look as gorgeous as these girls from tinsel town? No, you can also look hot and glam everyday with these simple yet effective makeup and beauty tricks. Take a look!

1. Intense Eyelines:

Makeup Tips & Tricks

An easy to apply makeup trick to give you dark and intense eyes.

( Image Credit

2. Eyelift

Makeup Tips & Tricks

Apply the eye makeup correctly to make the eyes look bright and hide the under eye bags.

(Image Credit:

3. Contouring:

Makeup Tips & Tricks

Contouring can change your look completely. Take a clue from the picture above to uplifty the look.

(Image Credit:

4. Beautiful Winged Eyes:

Beautiful Winged Eyes

Winged eyes are making headlines and all of us are trying every trick under our sleeves to get it right. Here are some of the types for a winged eye look.

(Image Credit:

5. Glam Eyes:

Glam Eyes

Glam up your everyday look with a few strokes of

6. Easy To Get winged eyes with spoon:

Makeup Tips & Tricks

7. French Manicure with rubber band:

Makeup Tips & Tricks


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