A Royal Nose Like Kate Middleton Please!

3 Feb
A Royal Nose Like Kate Middleton Please!

A Royal Nose Like Kate Middleton Please!

The Duchess of Cambridge- Catherine; popularly referred to as Kate Middleton is not just the future Queen of England, but she is also the reigning Queen of global fashion circuits. With her impeccable sartorial choices, Kate Middleton makes and breaks fashion trends at her will. The Royal beauty has women all around the world imitating her dressing style, hair, makeup and mannerisms too. But, the Kate Mania has now gone to another level with women marching towards the plastic surgeons with Kate Middleton’s photo in hand. And what do they want? A nose like the Duchess of Cambridge. Don’t believe us? It’s true.

As per a report in The Telegraph, Kate Middleton has beaten Nicole Kidman in the perfect nose section, who till very recently was the most preferred celeb, as far as nose is concerned.

Most Sought-After Celebrity  Nose

Most Sought-After Celebrity Nose

As per Carmen Lefevre– psychologist  and specialist in the study of facial attributes says:

 There is a hard-wired, evolutionary preference for Kate’s small, straight nose.

Carmen Lefevre states:

The symmetry of Kate’s nose, the angle between her lip and the tip of her nose, and the minimal amount of nostril on show are all near-perfect.

Now that’s what we call a global phenomenon. Would you also like to have a cute, little, straight nose like The Duchess or you think it is idolizing gone a bit too far?


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