5 Tips On Safe Tanning To Get The Gorgeous Sun-Kissed Glow

28 Dec

Safe Tanning

Sun-kissed glow is undoubtedly sexy and alluring; but exposure to the sun or the tanning lotion of poor quality, to get that lovely tan can also be harmful, causing wrinkles and in worst cases, skin cancer. The idea is to get the gorgeous, but safe tanning results without compromising on health. Before getting into the tanning bandwagon, it is important to understand how tanning is stimulated in your skin.

There is equal number of melanocytes in our skin, irrespective of the natural skin tone. Melanocytes produce melanin; which actually results into the skin color. When the skin is exposed to sun, the UV rays stimulates the breakage of DNA parts, and one of the broken pieces produces melanogenesis, also known as tanning or sun tan. Here are the tips for safe tanning to make you look uber sexy without worrying about the damaging effects your sun-kissed glow.

1. Pick up self tanning product judiciously: Self tanning is perhaps the safest way to get the tan; however it is temporary and lasts for 2 to 3 days. The tanning sprays have dihydroxyacetone (DHA) that comes in contact with the upper layer of the dead skin cells and produces a darker effect. There is no increase in melanin in this case. If you are opting for a self tanning spray or lotion; instead of direct exposure to sun, make sure the product you are using is a high quality product and doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients.

2. Don’t overexpose to sun; aim for gradual tanning: If you opt for the natural way to get the tan; don’t overexpose yourself to the sun in a rush to get the gorgeous glow. Instead of spending the whole day under the sun, break your sun exposure into multiple of small duration Let your body be equipped to protect it from sunburn during the regular intervals. Try and keep the duration as short as half an hour in the sun. You may take time to get the tan this way; but it would reduce the risks many folds.

3. Take off your glares while in the sun: The hormone that stimulates melanocyte is triggered by pituitary gland; which is sensitive to sun light and connected to the optic nerve. When your eyes are exposed to sun; the production of melanin increases due to the rise in the melanocyte stimulating hormone. However, the UV rays can also have damaging effect on your eyes and area around it. The ideal way is to let the pituitary gland get active in the beginning and protect your eyes for the remainder of the day in the sun, for safe tanning.

4. Apply sunscreen: Sunscreen reduces the harmful and damaging effects of UV rays and is an effective way of safe tanning. It also increases the span of time that you can spend under the sun by minimizing the damage. However, it also expands the time duration to get the tan. Application of sunscreen is an ideal way to enjoy the sun, by keeping the harsh UV rays at its minimal. Look for the SPF content in the sunscreen as per your skin tone. The lighter complexion requires a sunscreen with higher SPF. You must apply the sunscreen 15 to 20 minutes before going under the sun. The sunscreen must be re-applied every 15 to 30 minutes.

5. Make your tan last longer: You must try to maintain the tan for a longer duration; instead of trying to get tanned again. Apply moisturizer generously and avoid exfoliating for a long lasting tan.


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