Celebrity Home Decor: Style with Comfort

4 Oct

Home decor not only makes your dwelling aesthetically pleasing to live in; but also reveals a lot about the persona of the people living in it. Celeb homes are the often the subject of curiosity as we all wish to take a look into the world of the shining stars of the tinsel town. Most of the celebs also ensure that their houses and the interiors have their unique and personal touch, along with the comfort and warmth of an abode. Here are some of the celeb home decors, to draw inspiration to add the glam quotient into your living space.

Reese Witherspoon’s Living Room:

Designed by Kristen Buckingham, Actress Reese Witherspoon’s California home is all about class and elegance. The living room with wooden ceiling and flooring along with a beautiful chandelier has the subtle yet majestic vintage grace and poise. The American beauty has 19th century chairs in fine leather by Buckingham, for the dash of English élan.

Primarily in subdued hue of brown, the curtains by Claremont are matched by the Pottery Barn jute rug on the floor, placed at the centre.  The tiny table made of apple tree stump is the perfect accent for the minimalistic decor of the Hollywood hottie’s living room.

Hilary Swank’s Bedroom:

If you are wondering, what is so special about the cozy bedroom of actress Hilary Swank’s Manhattan retreat; then the wall against which the bed is placed, is covered with silk. The lamps and the side table are the vintage pieces; while the painting adoring the wall of the master bedroom is by Carlos Vega. Rest of the furnishing such as bed, rug, bedding etc are by Calvin Klein Homes.

Ellen Pompeo’s Dining Room:

Posh and luxurious house of actress Ellen Pompeo at Hollywood Hills has a warm and beautifully done dining room, for peaceful family time over meals. With a unique rustic appeal, the dining room has an antique Guatemalan farmhouse table by Dos Gallos as the centre piece of furniture. Gorgeous lanterns suspended through the ceiling are perfect to illuminate the table with soft golden glow; while the mirror by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard, and the vintage subway sign are the perfect accents to add up to the decor of the room without going over the top.

Meg Ryan’s Bathroom:

With minimalistic yet discreet decor; bathroom at actress Meg Ryan’s beach resort at Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, is one of the finest examples of less-is-more. Decorated by the actress with Marsha Russell of Satinwood, the bathroom has a gorgeous antique LooLoo Design earthenware tub and Rocky Mountain Hardware towel bars.

The mosaic floor adds up to the vintage appeal of the bathroom, along with the vintage pendant lights above the basin. The most beautiful piece in the luxurious bathroom is the antique soapstone basin with bluestone counters and the supports by painted bricks.

Candace Bushnell’s Powder Room:

The dramatised powder room of Sex and the City author’s vibrant, colorful and uptown Manhattan apartment is done by Susan Forristal. The highlight of the powder room is the unique reproduced poster of Bushnell onto the wallpaper that has the panache of the author’s personality. Sink and the fittings in the powder room are by Smolka.


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  1. Julie October 4, 2012 at 6:46 pm #

    Hello, great post! Beautiful interiors! Thanks for sharing!
    You can check out my master bathroom pics (and tips) here:
    Thanks -good luck!

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