Wedding Makeup Tips For A Picture-Perfect Bride

9 Sep

Weddings are truly special and wedding preparations are even more special,  to make it the most memorable event of your lifetime. Bridal dress and makeup are integral parts of the wedding plans. A classic wedding makeup not only makes you look the most beautiful on your big day as you walk down the aisle; but also helps you get those beautiful pictures that will last forever. The wedding makeup is to ensure that you shine the brightest on your wedding day with a picture perfect look. Here are some of the wedding makeup tips for a picture-perfect bride, to make you dazzle on the most special day of your life.

Avoid layers of makeup: We understand, it’s your big day; but it simply doesn’t mean that you put on those extra layers of makeup to give you cakey and blotchy look. Heavy makeup will not last long and will soon have cracks to spoil your wedding pictures forever. Keep the makeup light to enjoy the day to the fullest, without worrying about your makeup.

Moisturize your skin well before application of makeup base: Well moisturized skin will hold your makeup for long and give you the perfect base to accentuate it. Your foundation will sit well on the moisture plumped skin for a dazzling effect on your special day.

Use primer as the base for makeup: Primer might not be your best friend for everyday makeup; but on your wedding day, primer is a must-have. Primer will create a smooth base for your foundation to glide onto the skin, while covering the open pores and dark spots. Primer will also hold your foundation for a longer period of time, without getting blotchy. Primer will give you an even texture for a picture perfect look. Tinted moisturizer is also a good option for light makeup base.

Match the foundation with skin tone: To get the best of results, make an effort to find the foundation shade that matches your skin tone perfectly. Too light a shade than your actual skin tone will make your makeup look patchy and messy. Blend the foundation well on the skin. Splurge on good foundation brush or sponge for the perfect look on your big day.

Use concealer to hide dark circles: Concealer plays an important role in a classic wedding makeup. It will help you hide the dark circles around your eyes for an even skin tone. Lock the foundation and concealer with compact powder for long lasting makeup.

Blush effect: Without strokes of blush on your cheekbones, your wedding photos will appear bland and washed. Highlight your cheekbones with cream or powder blush for a perfect wedding look. Find out the natural blush shade and apply it on your cheeks making a fish face, while moving towards your ears.

Dramatic eyes: Eye makeup with heavy coating of mascara will give you the dramatic appeal, much needed for the wedding makeup. Also, apply base eyeshadow or primer before applying the main shade of eyeshadow and blend well to avoid creases on the eyelids. Base eyeshadow will hold your eye makeup for long hours. Well defined eyes are the most important part of wedding makeup.

Define your lips with lip liner: Whether you choose a matte finish or gloss appeal for your lips on your big day, apply lip liner to define the shape of your lips. Keep your lips exfoliated and smooth for a clean polished look on your wedding day.

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  1. preety January 13, 2013 at 10:28 am #

    I like this make up. Light make up is always gud


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