Holistic Living With Feng Shui

7 Sep

Feng Shui which literally translates as wind and water in English, is an ancient Chinese art to balance the environment of a working space or a dwelling to repel and remove the negative energy and to channelize the positive vibrations into the living or working space.

Feng Shui is a holistic art and science to strike a balance between the inner domain of thoughts and feelings with the outer environment. The balance can be created by placing Feng Shui objects at various strategic places in the room or decorating it with suitable colors that will lead to better productivity with vibes of positive energy around it.

Principles of Feng Shui

The principle of Feng Shui is based on three major elements- Tao, Chi and Yin/Yang. Tao is the way we all are connected with the life forces around us. When we are disconnected with Tao, our life system gets affected and gets impaired. Chi is the movement of life energy and vibrating vitality around us that must move around freely. When Chi gets trapped it causes problems and when there is too much of the Chi, it creates the chaos. Therefore, balancing the life energy is of utmost importance for a comforting, peaceful and good life. In another principle of Feng Shui, Yin/Yang are the complimentary opposites that need to be balanced for goodness. Yin/Yang are opposite yet complimentary to each other such as; male/female, high/low or curved/straight. Excess of yin or yang can create chaos to your life.

Effects of Feng Shui on our minds

There are various ways to incorporate Feng Shui into our lives. It can be through colors and blocks of movement such as; music, small fountain or art pieces. Feng Shui can also be incorporated and utilised to activate art space into your house or office by adding the elements the nature such as plants, source of natural light of rock pieces from beach etc. Evoking right energy balance in a creative space will help you translate your thoughts to convert into full bloom of creation and active manifestation.

Feng Shui Colors

 Colors are the easiest way to transform the bouts of negative energy into positive for better results. The colors of Feng Shui represent five elements of Fire, Water, Earth, Metal and Wood. There are different set of hues for representing different elements.

Fire is depicted by red, pink, orange, purple and yellow. The fire colors help you bring the positive energy into your work or living space and help you gain professional recognition.

The element of water is represented by black and blue colors in Feng Shui. The water colors bring clam, purity and fresh energy into your dwelling.

The colors depicting the element of metal in Feng Shui are gray and white. These colors attract sharpness, clarity and efficiency into your life.

Beige, brown, green and light yellow are the colors representing wood and earth element of Feng Shui, symbolising, vitality, health and growth for prosperity and wealth.

Placement of objects and furniture

 The philosophy of Feng Shui says that cluttered room has cluttered mind. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to place things and objects in such a way that the positive energy is flowing without obstructions and removing the negative energy out. Decorating a room based on Feng Shui doesn’t mean a serene room; but it requires the placement of the objects to help your inner energy coordinate in perfect harmony with the outer environment, to support specific activities.


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