Feather Earrings: A Perfect Accessory For All Occasions

31 Jul

Long feather earrings are undoubtedly the trendiest accessory for some time now. Feathers have been ruling the runway for a year now. Feathers have also found a prominent place in celeb styling since past few fashion seasons, however now the frenzy seems to have reached a new height. The feather trend refuses to fade away this season as well. Feathers are feminine, delicate and stunning, so are feather earrings.

Feather earrings are edgy and certainly very modish to create a contemporarily yet classy look. Feather earrings are also associated with the bohemian look and also reflects luxury depending on your choice of feather. The elegance and indulgence associated with feather is what makes feather earrings a popular choice with every women, be it A-list celebrities across the globe or a fashion conscious girl next door. Feather earrings are fun and spectacular with plenty of options to decide your pick from; in terms of color, shape and design. You can have them as drop earring, long earrings, extra long earnings, hoops or as danglers as well. Splash of vivid and bold hues are one of most salient features of this trendy piece of fashion accessory.

Popular feather types for earrings:

Feather earrings are affordable and easily available. You can shop online for beautiful yet reasonably priced feather earrings through amazon. If you have the imagination and creativity, any type of feather can be converted into the jewelry. However, there are some popular bird feathers often sported by Hollywood divas to create the style buzz. The most sought after feathers are:

  • Peacock
  • Parrot
  • Ostrich
  • Pheasant
  • Rooster
  • Turkey
  • Guinea
  • Goose and Duck

These feathers have beautiful natural hues and can also be dyed to create the magical splash of colors for your ears. Feather earrings can be teamed with casual as well as formal outfits. Pick up peacock eye earrings to team with your evening gown and be ready for the attention diverted towards your ears.

A Perfect Accessory For All Occasions:

A casual outfit can be well complimented by a contrast or matching ostrich or turkey feather danglers to create the magic. If you want tan or neutral shades, natural pheasant feathers are for you. Hot pink, emerald, teal blue and indigo are the hottest and most sought after colors in feathers for earrings. Pheasant feathers are also popular as extra long earrings, falling on the shoulders. Team it with an off-shoulder dress and you are good to go for an evening date. Long dangling feather earrings are also flirtatious and romantic. It also has a distinct girlish charm to it, making it a perfect choice for day wear. The softness of feather adds up to your vivacious personality. It also has a distinct trait to adapt to the personality of the person sporting it. For a young chirpy girl, long feather earring is a fun accessory at the same time can create a buzz as statement jewellery worn by a fashionista. For a rockstar, a feather earring is an expression of drama and edginess.

However, there are some basic rules to sport feathers on your ears to avoid any fashion disaster. Feathers are a natural attention stealer, therefore it’s important to keep it simple. Long feather earrings must been teamed with rather simple outfit to create a balance. Feather earring is a complete accessory in itself, so don’t team it with other accessories like chunky neckpieces. It will create an over-the-top look and will completely spoil the effect. Keep it simple and let your ears do the talking with fabulous feathers. Keep your hair open and let the earring make the statement through your mane. The long and big feather earrings are funky, trendy and unique accessory that also highlight the cheekbones. With feather earrings be ready for all the appreciative glances and compliments for your unique style quotient.

Celebs Sporting Feather Earrings:

Blake Lively, Miley Cirus, Vanessa Hudgens, Lucy Hale, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jessica Biel, Kat Von D, Lauren Conrad and Vanessa Hudgens are just to name a few of all the hot divas who have been sporting feather earrings with oodles of panache. Long feather earrings create a bit of dramatic look and add the hint of luxury making it the favourite accessory for our much loved hotties.


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